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Dear††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††† ,


The weather has suddenly turned cold, so it does feel like winter, but I still canít believe itís December already!


Iím continuing with my four part-time jobs.It works out to a lot more than full-time work, for much less than full-time pay J !However, for the most part Iím enjoying myself, so I canít really complain.


I continue lecturing for the Systems and Computer Engineering department at Carleton University.I taught a 3rd year course on real-time concurrent programming last winter and again in the summer.Itís a fun course and as itís an elective, the students are interested and motivated.In the spring term I taught a remedial second year data structures programming course that was a hard grind.The course is required for almost all Engineering students and many of have trouble with programming.Some of the students in my class were on their 5th try!!I taught the same course this fall and, while not as tough as in the summer, itís still a difficult course to teach.My students write their exam on December 11th, so the end is in sight!Iím looking forward to January when Iím teaching the third year students again!


This year I was appointed head womenís coach of the Carleton University Varsity swim team, in addition to my assistant coach duties for the entire team.Both swim teams (menís and womenís) look great this year.The team is larger than in the past and very talented.The swimmers have been working hard, and the results are already looking good.Two of the swimmers have already qualified to attend the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) championships in Victoria in February, and we expect many others to be joining them, for one of our largest CIS teams ever.(Last year we had just one swimmer qualify for the CIS championships, were held in Vancouver.)The Ontario University Athletics (OUA) Championships will be held at Brock University (St. Catherines) at the end of January.I coach the five morning workouts, and take care of all the administrative work for the team (budget, travel, attendance, paperwork), as well as the seasonal plan and meet entries for the women.†† The Varsity team is heading down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida from December 26th to January 5th for training camp.It should be a lot of fun!


In May I took over as head coach of the Carleton Masters swim team.This involves putting together a plan for each term and assigning coaches to the various groups as well as setting up the Saturday morning rotating coach schedule.I send out the bi-weekly Masters newsletter and maintain the website: coach the morning Masters groups (two during the Varsity season and three during the remainder of the year).I also coach private and semi-private swimming lessons for Masters swimmers and Triathletes.They are all very keen and many have made significant improvements.


And, my fourth and final job, is developing the seasonal plan for the Rideau Speedeaus Masters swim team.I write up all the workouts for their team of volunteer coaches and coach the team about once per week.One Triathlete that I coach privately lessons has asked that I develop a seasonal plan and workouts for her, as she prefers swimming on her own.Weíre giving that a try, but itís a lot of work (and thus expensive for the swimmer!).


I became officially certified as a Level 2 swimming coach early this year.In September I completed my Level 3 Theory course (a 5-day course).It required completion of a course workbook that was a huge amount of work.The next step is the Level 3 Technical course, which isnít offered very frequently, so it could be a long wait.


I still try to find time for my own swimming, which sometimes proves difficult. I had a partially detached retina in May, which meant no exercise at all for two weeks.Also, from May to August I was coaching the evening Masters group (the group I usually swim with) so I had to swim on my own for those four months which wasnít much fun!In April, I swam the 1500m freestyle at the Provincial championships in Etobicoke (near Toronto) and swam 15 seconds faster than last year Ė it was my best 1500 in seven years.It was a new World record and still stands.Check out the November 1st, 2002 list (Womenís Short Course, 40-44) at: 40-44 short course 800 free record, set last year, has been broken, but I still hold the 30-34 long course 800 free record, set in 1992.Last weekend, I had my sights set on the long course (50m pool) record for the 1500, but a bout of pneumonia just two weeks before meant a less than stellar performance L !I did manage to set a few National and Provincial records this year, but not as many as last year (and itíll get tougher every year until I move up to the 45-49 age group in another 4 years)!


Like last year, I did just one Open Water Swim, the St. Marys 5km swim ( managed to win again, but the margin gets smaller every year Ė soon someone is going to beat me!


I continue to attend Dance performances at the NAC (National Arts Centre) with my friend Shelley, who still manages to find time to go out occasionally, despite being very busy with her baby daughter Madelyne (a real cutie!).


I wish you and your family all the best for 2003.