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                                                                        Lynn Marshall

202-499 Sunnyside Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K1S 0S8

                                                                                                Home phone: +1 (613) 730-4093

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Work phone: +1 (613) 520-2600 x1962

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                                                                                                December 13th, 2004


Dear Friends and Family:


I can’t believe it’s December already!  However, it sure does look like winter here in Ottawa as we’ve had lots of snow. 


I became an Aunt in January when my brother, Ken, and his wife, Angela had a baby boy, Carter Brent Marshall.  I visited Winnipeg in May to meet Carter.  My sister, Karina, and her husband, Don, are also in Winnipeg and my parents visited at the same time, so it was the first time the whole family had been together since Angela and Ken’s wedding, over five years ago.  My visit was timed to coincide with the Manitoba Marlins (the team I swam for from 1971-1978) reunion, which was quite a trip down memory lane.


This October I moved to a new apartment very near to Carleton University.  Now I can walk to work!  Please note my new address and phone number above.


I continue to lecture for the Systems and Computer Engineering department at Carleton University.  I taught the same courses this year as last: a 3rd year course on real-time concurrent programming last winter and again in the summer, and a 2nd year course on data structures and algorithms this fall.  The second year course is required for most Engineers, and many find it difficult, so it’s a challenge to teach.  I enjoy the third year course more as it’s an elective, so the students are (generally) interested and motivated.  My second year students write their exam on December 15th, so there will soon be lots of marking to do! 


I am again the head women’s coach of the Carleton University Ravens Varsity swim team, plus assistant coach and manager for the entire team.  Last year we had four swimmers (2 women and 2 men) attend the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) championships held in Toronto in March.  The men’s and women’s team have gained both strength and depth this year, especially the men’s team.  Two of the swimmers (one woman and one man) have already qualified to attend the CIS championships in Edmonton in February, and we expect others to be joining them.  The other major University competition is the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) championships.  This season, they will be held Brock University (St Catharines) in mid-February.  The Varsity team is heading down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida again this year from December 26th to January 4th for training camp.  It should be a lot of fun and hard work!  You can check out our “unofficial” web site at: 


I also continue my role as head coach of the Carleton Masters swim team.  This involves putting together a plan for each term and assigning coaches to the various groups as well as setting up the Saturday morning rotating coach schedule.  I send out a bi-weekly Masters newsletter and maintain the website:  I coach the morning Masters groups (two groups during the Varsity season and three during the remainder of the year).  I also coach private and semi-private swimming lessons for Masters swimmers, age-group swimmers and Triathletes. 


I was finding that putting together the coaching plan and coaching once per week for the Rideau Speedeaus Masters team at the University of Ottawa meant that I rarely had a day off.  While I enjoyed the group of swimmers, I decided I had to give it up to give myself a bit of “down” time.


I normally swim 6 or 7 times and do weights a twice a week.  My swimming competitions went much better this year than last (as I managed to avoid pneumonia and bronchitis over the winter!).  I was faster in nearly every event this year.  I set a National Record for the 40-44 age group in 200m butterfly (2:28.50).  I also did best times for the 40-44 age group in 100m breaststroke and 200m breaststroke.  The 200m breaststroke (3:02.09) was actually a life-time personal best (PB) – the first PB I’ve done in over 5 years! 


I did just one Open Water Swim this year, the St. Marys 5km swim (  I managed to win again (this was win #14, but the margin gets smaller every year!).  This year the base of the trophy was full, so the trophies have all been enlarged with the addition of an extra base.  As usual, it was a fun weekend with a stay in a B&B with some of the other competitors.


I continue to attend Dance performances at the NAC (National Arts Centre) with my friend Shelley, who still manages to find time to go out occasionally, despite being very busy with her daughter Madelyne (going on three years old now). 


I wish you and your family all the best for 2005.