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Lynn Marshall
202-499 Sunnyside Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 0S8
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December 21st, 2008

Dear Friends and Family:

This year I am again teaching five courses in Carleton's Systems and Computer Engineering department (the maximum allowed for a part-time sessional lecturer). I hear that there will be fewer full-time professors and instructors on sabbatical next year, so I may not get offered as many courses. Last Winter I taught a second year course (Object-Oriented Software Development in Java) and a third year course (Real-Time Concurrent Systems in Java). In the Summer I taught the 3rd year course again. This Fall I was teaching two sections of the same second year course (Data Structures and Algorithms in C++). Definitely less work than teaching two different courses, but as the twice-weekly lectures were scheduled back-to-back in the same lecture room it was like ground-hog day every time! The exam was nearly 10 days earlier than usual (Dec 11th compared to Dec 20th last year), so the marks are all calculated and submitted. This Winter I'm teaching the same second year course along with a first year course (Introduction to Programming in C++) with a very large class size -- about 160 right now, and that could still go up before classes start.

I'm still the head coach of the Carleton Masters team: I continue to coach on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, the occasional Saturday morning, plus some private swim lessons. I also ran some swim clinics, one for another Masters swim club, the Rideau Speedeaus; and several for a group of Junior Triathletes. I'm again the Team Manager for the Carleton Varsity swim team this year, doing all the paperwork, swim meet entries, results tabulation and statistics, and itineraries, etc.

In April, when I was supposed to be marking exams, I had a mild case of pneumonia which slowed down the marking and kept me out of the pool for quite a few days.

In May, I visited Winnipeg for my High School (Fort Richmond Collegiate) 30th reunion. It was a lot of fun to see many of my class-mates, most of whom I hadn't seen in 30 years. Some people haven't changed a lot, and others were unrecognizable. Interestingly, everyone agreed with that, but we didn't all agree on who had changed and who hadn't. The general consensus was that the women have aged better than the men, but perhaps the women care more, so put in more effort! The weekend trip was also a great chance to see my sister, Karina, and brother-in-law, Don, as well as my brother, Ken, sister-in-law, Angela, and four year old nephew, Carter. All of them are doing well and keeping busy. Carter is into many different activities, including swimming and recently passed his Sunfish class.

In June, I drove down to Middlebury, Vermont, for a swim meet. In preparation for the trip I took my car (usually driven about 20km per week) in for an oil change. The mechanic forgot to replace the oil cap and I drove for nearly five hours (in the rain with windows closed and vents full on) before discovering the problem. There wasn't much oil left at that point, so I was lucky the engine didn't cease. What I didn't realize until I attempted my 1500m race was that I had a mild case of carbon monoxide poisoning which manifested itself as a severe case of sea-sickness (dizziness, nausea, vomiting) when I exerted myself. I surprisingly did manage to finish my race, but was understandably disappointed with the results.

My parents had their 50th Wedding Anniversary in October and celebrated with an Alaskan Cruise which they thoroughly enjoyed. That means it's only a little over two years until I reach the half century mark!

The group of six Carleton Masters swimmers who went to the Dominican Republic together about five years ago (Bicki, Debby, Joanie, Kim, Lisa and I) continue to get together several times a year for dinner. Thanks to Lisa's prodding, we are all going to an eco-lodge in Algonquin Park for a weekend at the end of February. While the others are looking forward to some skiing and snow-shoeing, I am planning time in the hot tub and sauna!

For culture, my friend, Shelley, and I continue to attend Dance performances at the National Arts Centre a few times a year. It's always great to get together with her and her daughter, Madelyne, who is growing up very quickly.

I continue to keep busy with my swimming -- training and racing in the 45-49 age group. The pool highlights of this year were three long course (50m pool) National Records (800m free, 200m back, 100m fly) and a Provincial Record (100m back) at a local meet in Nepean in February; a short course (25m pool) National Record (100m fly) in Montreal in March; a short course Provincial Record (50m free) in Ottawa in April; a long course National Record (1500m free) and Provincial Record (50m free) in Vermont in June, and a long course National Record (200m free) in Montreal in June. I participated in two open water swims, winning the Brockville 3km in August and the St Marys 5km Provincial Championships in September.

We had Ottawa's second snowiest winter on record last year. This year already seems just as snowy and even colder!

Best wishes to you and your family for 2009!