Carleton Masters Club History: Work in Progress!

  George Tombler (6pm Whitecaps) has provided me with a few photos from 1992-1994:  Next step is to identify the exact dates and add all the names. [Sorry – I still haven’t had time to do that yet!  Marg Eades (6pm Whitecaps) has also given me another couple of photos that I need to add!]  We’d also like to produce a list of the coaches, and who coached when.
   Alan Hunt (8:30am Earlybirds)’s 20th anniversary with Carleton Masters (in Fall 2009) has led to many of you providing historical information on the team!  Thanks to all who have contributed to this summary so far.  We believe that Mariette Kenney (7:10pm Whitecaps), Helen Blais (x-6pm Whitecaps), and Ursula Scott (7:30am Earlybirds) are those who have been involved with Carleton Masters since before it started!  This was likely back in 1982-1983 when Coach Tim Kilby was a lifeguard.  Prior to the start of Carleton Masters some stroke improvement classes were offered, and shortly thereafter, possibly in January 1985 (or perhaps the year before?), Carleton Masters started.  Helen has offered to get together with Mariette and Ursula to try to flesh this out a bit. 
   Don Wells (6pm Whitecaps) started with the team in Jan 1985.  Joanne and Cam Dawson (6pm Whitecaps) joined in Sept 1985.  Their son, Sean Dawson (fast lane swimmer with summer 6pm Whitecaps), was the founding member of Child Safety Supervision in 1988, when the Dawson’s hired a caregiver to take care of Sean at the pool while they swam.
   I believe the only group running at that time was the 6pm group.  Does anyone remember when the Sat am workouts started?  Or exactly when the 7:30am morning groups or Nightcaps started? 

   Here’s a list of dates I have so far.  Please send in more information!
Ursula Scott, Mariette Kenney, Helen Blais: Pre-Masters 1982-83?
Don Wells: Jan 1985
Cam and Joanne Dawson: Sept 1985
Bicki Westerheide: Summer 1986 (Bicki has some photos from Stephanie Hunt’s cottage near Hawkesbury where many club members went to competitions in winter 1987 and 1988, where some brave souls jumped into the lake!)
Safety Supervision: 1988
George Tombler (6pm Whitecaps): 1989
Nancy Banard: Whitecaps “A” coach: Fall 1989
Krissa Jensen: Whitecaps “B” Coach: 1989-1992
Alan Hunt, Lina Vincent (6pm Whitecaps), Nicole Delisle (6pm Whitecaps): Sept 1989
Marg Eades (6pm Whitecaps): also Sept 1989 (Marg did some swimnastics sessions at Carleton prior to this)
Lynn Marshall (Coach): started swimming with Carleton Whitecaps: Dec 1989
Fiona Hill (7:10pm Whitecaps): 1990 or 1991 (in Newfoundland 1998-2004)
Penny Estabrooks (8:30am Earlybirds): pre-1991
Tim Kilby: Whitecaps "A" Coach: Early 1990s
Derek Bass (6pm Whitecaps): Jan 1991 (last races 1992 Provincials; away Japan / heart issues 1992-1994)
Rick: Whitecaps "B" Coach: 1992-1993
Kim and Mike: Whitecaps "B" Coaches: 1993-1996
Lisa Bromley (7:10pm Whitecaps): 1994
Marilyn Adams: Whitecaps "B" Coach: 1996-1998
Marilyn Adams: 1996-1998 Earlybirds Coach: 1996-1998: Marilyn coached the 7:30am group and started the 8:30am group
April: Whitecaps "A" Coach: 1997-1998
Corinne, Peter Akman, and Mits Kachi: Whitecaps "B" Coaches: 1998-1999
Kristi Dean: started coaching in 1997 (Kristi was the head coach for a number of years and is still one of our Saturday coaches)
Meredith Curren (6pm Whitecaps): Jan 1998
Andrea Chandler (6pm Whitecaps; Derek’s wife): Jan 2001 with their boys Freddy and Stuart joining Safety Supervision in 2004 and 2007, respectively
Lynn Marshall: started coaching in Fall 2001 (also volunteered with the Earlybirds in Spring/Summer 2001)
7:10pm Whitecaps: Fall 2008 (this is when the 6pm group changed from the full pool ("A" and "B" groups) to half pool

   Thanks to Tom Anzai (Gefilte Fish Coach, and Carleton Alumnus) for providing some further information on the history of the Carleton Masters club:

   “The first Carleton University Masters meet (I know of) was at the Annual Winterlude meet March, 1983. CUM (apologies for the acronym--students!) entered 14 swimmers including myself as the co-founder/swimmer along with Angela Prokopiak. We went to this meet in the hopes of gaining varsity status...which we did in 1985.

   Five Ontario Masters records (Angela Prokopiak in 50/100 Fly; Craig Auwaerter in 100 BK, and Tom Anzai in 100 Fly/IM) and one Canadian Masters records (Jim Ballantyne in the 1500m FR). A total of 63 Canadian and 16 Ontario records were broken that meet.”

   Thanks to Louise Hayes (X-Coach, Carleton Alumnus, and Carleton Varsity Alumni Group President) for providing a scan of a Charlatan article about this swim meet.